Teacher Resources

My educational experiences span a few contexts. I have begun to collect and store resources and conference presentations in my blog. They are categorized under select areas: Teaching English as an Additional Language, Language Teacher Education, and Teaching in Higher Education. Please click on the conference or title that you are interested in below:

Teaching English as an Additional Language

TED Talks in the EFL Classroom – 31st Annual IGA NTC, Guatemala City, Guatemala 2012
Activities to use with TED Talks – Promoting Global Citizenship among students

Language Teacher Education

Teaching in Higher Education

(Em)Power in the Classroom Blog Series for the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence at the University of Utah

  1. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 1)
  2. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 2)
  3. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 3)
  4. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 4)
  5. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 5)
  6. (Em)Power in the Classroom Series (Part 6)